Two Realities,” by Hannah Purvis, at our Main St gallery. These figurative paintings explore technology, the artist’s identity as a neurodivergent female, and unrealistic beauty standards created by social media.

An art gallery with several paintings on the walls.
A woman poses in an art gallery, smiling and pointing at one of her paintings.
A painting showing a female body, distorted by colorful glitches.

The Artist’s Studio,” paintings by Alex Renbarger, at our Main St gallery. This series depicts what a painter sees on a daily basis. The works uses a muted and minimal color palette, with inorganic lines and strong sources of light.

Two women stand in an art gallery, facing a wall upon which two medium-sized paintings hang.
An art gallery with five medium-sized paintings hanging on the walls.
An oil painting depicting an artist's studio, with an easel and a canvas.

De Aquí y De Allá (From Here and There),” paintings by Alejandra Gonzalez Zertuche at our Main St gallery. Drawing from the artist’s memories and family stories, this work depicts the journey of crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico and life in the US.

Six members of a family pose for a photograph, standing in an art gallery surrounded by paintings.
An art gallery with four medium-sized paintings hanging on the walls.
A painting depicting a young man, wearing a backpack and a backwards baseball cap, hiking across a sandy landscape and sweating in the sun.

Fade Like a Sigh,” photographs by Zora J Murff and Rana Young, at our Main St Gallery. The artists explore the void left by an absent parent and highlight the relationship between the photographic record and the fragmented nature of memory.

Art gallery filled with medium-sized photographs hung according to a grid pattern, with several cells left empty.
An art gallery wall with medium-sized photographs hung according to a grid pattern, with several cells left empty.
Left: A faded portrait photograph of a young girl. Right

The Ocean Between Us (bein hai ben chung ta),” painting, sculpture, and installation by Loc Huynh, at our Main St gallery. This work depicts the bond between the artist’s maternal grandparents despite their geographic distance from each other.

An art gallery containing a cardboard sculpture of a man's head, a hanging sculpture depicting a scaled-up necklace, and a painting of a family.
Art gallery containing three larger paintings, two smaller paintings, a shelf with a bowl of incense, and, on the floor, a plate of fruit.
A painting depicting a grown man, a drown woman and a child. The painting style appears influenced by graffiti.

Together with the Earth,” paintings by Suzy González, at our Main St gallery. The artist’s materials includes corn husks, which references Mesoamerican beliefs that our very beings are created from maíz. Runs Sept 3- 25, 2021.

Several people mingle outside Spellerberg Projects gallery.
A woman looks a wall of paintings. The paintings have a textured surface and depict stylized figures of people. One of the figures wears a face mask.
A painting depicting a stylized human figure who appears to be crying. The figure's face and lower torso are depicted as being made of water.

COVID-19 Museum Web Traffic Charts

I spoke with journalist Alexander Panetta of CBC News for a story on museums’ use of technology during the pandemic: Despite this historic opportunity for online learning, with hundreds of millions of people locked out of public spaces, [Spellerberg] says traffic to museum websites plummeted last year. Read more

Helping Cultural Institutions Adapt to COVID-19 — Recent Work

The pandemic of 2020 presented an unprecedented challenge for cultural institutions. We’ve been with with our clients every step of the way, creating projects that run the gamut of adaptations undertaken by the industry. We built “At Home” sections for the Andy Warhol Museum and the Akron Art Museum; we designed and developed virtual events for the Chinese American Museum, Los Angeles, and Pleasure Dome, Toronto; and we created a bring-your-own-device web app for the Hammer Museum. Read more

Museum Digital COVID-19 Research at MCN 2020 Virtual Conference

Since COVID-19 first hit, I have been conducting a cross-institutional research study about the effects of shelter-in-place on museum website visitation. Researcher Grace Poole and I have been working hard over the past several months to analyze the pandemic’s impact across the sector’s digital activity. Read more

Was Cloudflare’s Termination of the Daily Stormer Ethical?

On August 16, 2017, Cloudflare revoked its cyber-protection service from the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website (Newman, 2017). The ethical issue at stake concerns internet censorship and who gets to decide what speech stays online. Did Cloudflare ethically act when it made this exception to its position of neutrality?

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