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During COVID, as museums took their institutions online, event programming became a viable space to adapt to new monetization paths and presented potential new business practices. After we published our research into how the pandemic affected and shaped museum website visitation, colleagues in the museum technology field (shoutout MCN!) Read more

Barbara Felix is a San Antonio native and contemporary figurative artist. In her March exhibition, The Glorious Way She Moves, interpretive portraits illustrate the exuberance and individuality of her subjects. Felix’s process is to film her subjects dancing, and then express that movement through overlapping portraits.

A Houston native now based in San Antonio, Texas, Raul Rene Gonzalez is a multidisciplinary artist who creates paintings, drawings, sculptures, clothing, murals, installations, live and recorded dance and other performance-based work. In his February exhibition, Doing Werk | Artists-Parents is about artists who are also fathers. Each work is either a self portrait of Gonzalez with his daughters, or a portrait of other San Antonio artists with their children.

Spellerberg Associates began as an expression of my individual practice, but the volume and high quality of work we produced for museums and cultural institutions in 2021/22 wouldn’t have been possible without the ingenuity and diligence of the entire team. Content strategist and project manager Margaret Sternbergh, senior developer Zack Rothauser, developer Alex Wen, researcher Grace Poole, designers Mollie Edgar and Tobey Albright at Hour Studio, Amazon AWS specialist Micah Walter, SalesForce consultant Karen Bush, and facilitator Allegra Burnette – thank you!

The Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago presents thought-provoking photography through groundbreaking exhibitions and programming, drawing from a collection of over 16,000 works. In 2021/22, we provided a range of digital consulting services to support its current needs and plans for expansion. We evaluated new collection management systems and collaborated with the Center for Digital Experiences at Pratt Institute on a website visitation analysis. We led the Museum through a complete website redesign, and developed the new site on WordPress. We partnered with Hour Studio for the design.

The Contemporary at Blue Star is the first and longest-running nonprofit space for contemporary art in San Antonio, Texas. In 2022, The Contemporary went through a years-long rebranding and worked with Spellerberg Associates to rethink its web presence. The final product was a newly designed and structured website that complemented the organization’s new name, brand, and visual identity. We partnered with Hour Studio for the design.

The Rubin Museum of Art in New York stimulates learning, promotes understanding, and inspires personal connections to the ideas, cultures, and art of Himalayan regions. In 2022 we provided digital consulting services to advance the Museum’s digital transformation. We conducted visitor journey mapping workshops with facilitator Allegra Burnette, led the selection of a Constituent Relationship Management solution with consultant Karen Bush, and performed a website visitor motivation analysis with the Center for Digital Experiences at Pratt Institute.

A Space Gallery is an artist-run center in Toronto, Ontario. In 2021/22, we helped them launch their new brand through a website redesign. We addressed critical vulnerabilities in their website backend infrastructure by re-platforming it to WordPress.

Based in San Francisco, California, Canyon Cinema distributes independent, avant-garde, and artist-made films. In 2022 we developed Canyon Cinema Connects, a platform allowing them to present curatorial programs online. We incorporated our custom integration for the CineSend secure video streaming service.

MARCH is a journal of art & strategy founded by Sarrita Hunn and James McAnally. In 2021/22 we helped launch the publication by developing its website. Haynes Riley of Good Weather did the design.

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