Spellerberg Projects Summer 2022

This past season at Spellerberg Projects, my gallery in Lockhart, Texas, I presented four shows of emerging and mid-career artists curated by Caroline Frost (plus one I curated).

Dana Robinson is a Brooklyn-based artist addressing topics of youth, Black feminine identity, ownership, and nostalgia. Her April exhibition “I’ll Tell You This for Free” featured 4 works on panel from her Ebony Reprinted series and 2 works on silk.

Guests mingle at Spellerberg Projects gallery. Artwork by Dana Robinson is on display.
Artwork by Dana Robinson on display at Spellerberg Projects gallery.
Dana Robinson's artwork

Hannah Lee, born and raised in Louisiana, received her her MFA in Painting from The New York Academy of Art. Her May exhibition “Magic Shell” featured 11 oil paintings exploring discrepancies between how we present ourselves and are perceived by others.

Guests mingle at Spellerberg Projects. Seen from the street at night, the gallery interior is bright while the surroundings are dark.
Paintings by Hannah Lee on display at Spellerberg Projects gallery.
Hannah Lee's artwork

This week at my gallery, Spellerberg Projects in Lockhart TX, we featured “Resistance Is…“, protest photography by Ursula Rogers. By exhibiting acts of solidarity in resistance to systematic oppression, Rogers reminds viewers of the power of the people.

A woman examines photographs in a gallery. The text
Installation view of photographs hanging in an art gallery.
A person wearing a jean jacket waives a pride flag, where across the street a crowd has gathered with American and Texan flags on the grounds of the Caldwell County courthouse.

bradycollings is an interdisciplinary queer artist and drag queen from the piney woods of East Texas, currently pursuing an MFA in painting from Texas Tech. Their June exhibition, “do i not fill heaven and earth?“, translated meditations on nostalgia and voyeurism into objects and images.

Gallery coordinator Alex Renbarger discusses bradycollings' art with a guest at Spellerberg Projects gallery.
bradycollings' art on display at Spellerberg Projects gallery.
An achromatic painting of a boy, with thick impasto, by bradycollings.

Jamie Panzer is an Austin-based artist. His July exhibition “Lyrical Space” displayed mixed media work reflecting his ongoing interest in recycling and rearranging found materials collected from his surroundings.

A guest examines artwork by Jamie Panzer at Spellerberg Projects gallery
A grid of artwork by Jamie Panzer on display at Spellerberg Projects gallery
An achromatic collage by Jamie Panzer

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