Gallery update! We have partnered with ICOSA, an Austin-based artist collective, for the programming of the Fall 2021 season. Artist/curator Michael Villarreal did a prodigious job coordinating the effort.

EN MASS,” a group exhibition by members of the ICOSA Collective, at our Masur Gallery. The show takes full advantage of the grand space, with works exploring scale and texture. Opened Sept 3 and runs into the winter.

Several people stand in a large room. Artwork is hung throughout. Sculptures that recall dandelion seeds are arranged in the foreground. A large tarp painted with upward-pointed arrows hangs in the background.
A man holding a baby looks at a large mural painted on an interior wall. The mural looks like a mouth with red lips. In this context, the windows above the mural look like eyes.
Two people look at paintings hung on a brick wall. The ceiling is low, and the floor is rough. Spotlights illuminate the wall in the otherwise dark room.

Made under the ☀ in Austin, Texas.
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