Spellerberg Projects Fall 2021

Gallery update! We have partnered with ICOSA, an Austin-based artist collective, for the programming of the Fall 2021 season. Artist/curator Michael Villarreal did a prodigious job coordinating the effort.

EN MASS,” a group exhibition by members of the ICOSA Collective, at our Masur Gallery. The show takes full advantage of the grand space, with works exploring scale and texture. Opened Sept 3 and runs into the winter.

Several people stand in a large room. Artwork is hung throughout. Sculptures that recall dandelion seeds are arranged in the foreground. A large tarp painted with upward-pointed arrows hangs in the background.
A man holding a baby looks at a large mural painted on an interior wall. The mural looks like a mouth with red lips. In this context, the windows above the mural look like eyes.
Two people look at paintings hung on a brick wall. The ceiling is low, and the floor is rough. Spotlights illuminate the wall in the otherwise dark room.

Together with the Earth,” paintings by Suzy González, at our Main St gallery. The artist’s materials includes corn husks, which references Mesoamerican beliefs that our very beings are created from maíz. Runs Sept 3- 25, 2021.

Several people mingle outside Spellerberg Projects gallery.
A woman looks a wall of paintings. The paintings have a textured surface and depict stylized figures of people. One of the figures wears a face mask.
A painting depicting a stylized human figure who appears to be crying. The figure's face and lower torso are depicted as being made of water.

The Ocean Between Us (bein hai ben chung ta),” painting, sculpture, and installation by Loc Huynh, at our Main St gallery. This work depicts the bond between the artist’s maternal grandparents despite their geographic distance from each other.

An art gallery containing a cardboard sculpture of a man's head, a hanging sculpture depicting a scaled-up necklace, and a painting of a family.
Art gallery containing three larger paintings, two smaller paintings, a shelf with a bowl of incense, and, on the floor, a plate of fruit.
A painting depicting a grown man, a drown woman and a child. The painting style appears influenced by graffiti.

Fade Like a Sigh,” photographs by Zora J Murff and Rana Young, at our Main St Gallery. The artists explore the void left by an absent parent and highlight the relationship between the photographic record and the fragmented nature of memory.

Art gallery filled with medium-sized photographs hung according to a grid pattern, with several cells left empty.
An art gallery wall with medium-sized photographs hung according to a grid pattern, with several cells left empty.
Left: A faded portrait photograph of a young girl. Right

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