Interactive In-Gallery Video Kiosk for Artist Midi Onodera

An interface to display short video clips in a gallery setting.
An interface to display short video clips in a gallery setting. Interactive Touchscreen Interface using jQuery and HTML5 Video Playing a video. In 2009 artist Midi Onodera created a series of 52 short clips designed for podcasting. I have been fortunate to be involved in this project, providing technical support and new media development. Read more

Pyes Video

Here’s a video I made this summer for the TIFF ’07 Blogs featuring my friends, Canadian photographers and film makers Nick and Sheila Pye. Watch the Pyes video! Read more

Call For Participation ~ Suspension Performance

Seeking performers, videographers and photographers for street-level performances to be staged late-summer 2007 in downtown Toronto. During morning rush hour in the financial district, supported by ropes around their midsections, performers will lean at odd angles into pedestrian traffic. Crowds will form to observe, photograph and wonder. Read more

Organ: Sound and Light Video

Created for the concert Organ: Sound and Light at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto, this piece features compositions by Louis-Nicolas Cl√©rambault, organ by Michael Capon and video by Marty Spellerberg. Watch Suite Du Deuxi√®me Ton! Read more

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