Call For Participation ~ Suspension Performance

Suspension Performance, by Craig Marshall

Seeking performers, videographers and photographers for street-level performances to be staged late-summer 2007 in downtown Toronto.

During morning rush hour in the financial district, supported by ropes around their midsections, performers will lean at odd angles into pedestrian traffic. Crowds will form to observe, photograph and wonder. After five minutes the ropes will be released and the performers will fall to the ground, collect themselves and disappear into the bustle.

A minimum of four performance/documentation teams are needed for this happening. This follows a successful single-team Suspension performance in November 2006.

About Us

Marketing is a performance art collective based in Toronto Canada who stage non-confrontational performances for audiences traditionally underexposed to the form. Our goal is to develop a framework for performance that can be integrated into and funded by brand advertising.

For information please contact Craig Marshall and Marty Spellerberg.

Watch the November 2006 performance!

Posted July 2007

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