Spellerberg Projects Winter 2021/Spring 2022

This winter/spring we are presenting the work of current or recent Texas State University students. Artist/curator Michael Villarreal did a prodigious job coordinating the painting shows.

“Like and Subscribe,” a screening of video work from first-year Texas State Expanded Media students, at our Masur Gallery. This event was presented in collaboration with Experimental Response Cinema.

An image of the face of a young Black woman is projected onto a screen. Audience members are looking up at the screen.
An audience sits in a darkened room, facing a projection.

De Aquí y De Allá (From Here and There),” paintings by Alejandra Gonzalez Zertuche at our Main St gallery. Drawing from the artist’s memories and family stories, this work depicts the journey of crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico and life in the US.

Six members of a family pose for a photograph, standing in an art gallery surrounded by paintings.
An art gallery with four medium-sized paintings hanging on the walls.
A painting depicting a young man, wearing a backpack and a backwards baseball cap, hiking across a sandy landscape and sweating in the sun.

The Artist’s Studio,” paintings by Alex Renbarger, at our Main St gallery. This series depicts what a painter sees on a daily basis. The works uses a muted and minimal color palette, with inorganic lines and strong sources of light.

Two women stand in an art gallery, facing a wall upon which two medium-sized paintings hang.
An art gallery with five medium-sized paintings hanging on the walls.
An oil painting depicting an artist's studio, with an easel and a canvas.

Two Realities,” by Hannah Purvis, at our Main St gallery. These figurative paintings explore technology, the artist’s identity as a neurodivergent female, and unrealistic beauty standards created by social media.

An art gallery with several paintings on the walls.
A woman poses in an art gallery, smiling and pointing at one of her paintings.
A painting showing a female body, distorted by colorful glitches.

Bitter Tears,” paintings on tuna cans(!) by Patrick Gorman, a Texas-based artist from Dallas. He has a BFA in painting from Texas State University and began focusing on collage and assemblage in 2021.

A couple examines a display of small paintings in an art gallery.
Five small paintings hanging on a wall. The objects are circular, and are made by applying paint and collage to the bottoms of tuna cans.
A circular collage that includes an image of a roman bust, a pencil drawing of a hog, and bits of colored paper and film.

Made under the ☀ in Austin, Texas.
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