Hi, I’m Marty Spellerberg

Marty Spellerberg
At Spellerberg Projects. Photo by Laurel Coyle

I’m principal at Spellerberg Associates, which provides consulting to artists, museums, and cultural institutions. I’ve been designing and developing websites in the arts and culture space since the 1990s, and have specifically focused on digital projects for museums for more than a decade. Also, for the past four years, I’ve been director of Spellerberg Projects, a contemporary art project space that I founded in rural Texas. As I’ve observed the creative community around my gallery blossoming, I’ve come to understand that my choice to start what I did, where I did, took an act of visionary leadership.

As a designer and developer for museums and cultural institutions, I’ve produced projects ranging from museum websites, digital publications, and podcasts, purpose-built social media networks, to in-gallery interactives. I have advanced, industry-leading understanding of the perspective of potential museum visitors vis-a-vis tech-based engagement. My interest in understanding the use of technology by museum audiences led me to develop and co-lead the National Museum Website Visitor Motivation Survey, which studied online engagement with two dozen cultural organizations across North America. With my colleague Sarah Wambold, I examined website users through the framework developed by John Falk that is often applied to on-site museum visitation. Our work was presented at the MW and MCN conferences, and our subsequent paper was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing.

In 2016, I opened Spellerberg Projects, in Lockhart, Texas, a town of approximately 15,000 located 40 miles from Austin. As gallery director, I build and maintain relationships with external sponsors, partners, and collaborators, engaging with other community leaders in government, local associations, and informal networks. I am directly responsible for the gallery’s public image, developing our brand through written and graphic communication for internal and external audiences. Running the gallery day-to-day, week-to-week, and season-to-season has required me to be a project manager with exceptional leadership, organizational, and communication skills.


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