Workshops for Artists, Filmmakers and Community & Art Organizations

I’ll be in Toronto presenting at LIFT and the Directors Guild of Canada this October. The first is focused on getting individual artists and filmmakers up-and-running online, with a website and social media accounts. The second is for professionals working with community and arts organizations, helping them focus their communication strategies for maximum relevance.

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Workshop for Artists and Filmmakers:
Websites and Social Media

This workshop provides an overview of how to establish the online and social media presence for your film, company or personal brand as an artist or filmmaker. Learn how to set up the various platforms and effectively manage the accounts to build a community of engaged fans and supporters. Best practices, strategy and content creation for various tools will be discussed. Participants will learn to register a domain name and create a website, develop and send a professional email newsletter, and establish accounts and grow followings on social media platforms. Squarespace, WordPress, MailChimp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and Youtube platforms will be explored.

This workshop will be hands-on. Participants who come ready with specific projects/practices will be able to begin configuring accounts and creating webpages and social media posts during class time.

This workshop is being offered twice, at LIFT and at the Directors Guild of Canada.

For members of the Directors Guild of Canada:
Full-day workshop
Sunday, October 15, 10am-5pm
Registration required. Email

For all others:
Two-evening workshop
Tuesday October 10 & Thursday October 12, 6-10pm
Registration required. Call 416.588.6444


Workshop for Community and Arts Organizations:
Understanding Online Audiences

This workshop is for staff at community organizations and arts organizations who wish to effectively communicate and connect with their online audiences. Your audience does not see your organization as you do. When you structure your messaging in a way that reflects the perspective of those inside your organization, you miscommunicate your relevance to those on the outside. Members of your audience are driven by intrinsic motivations and are drawn to your programs to the extent that they address these internally-driven needs. This workshop will help participants identify and speak to the motivations of their online audiences.

For all participants:
One-evening workshop
Wednesday October 11, 6-10pm
Registration required. Call 416.588.6444

Posted September 2017

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