Presentations at MW 2016


I’m proud to announce that I’ll be presenting at Museums and the Web this year. I’m involved in two sessions:

The first is Visitor-First, Mobile-First: Designing a Visitor-Centric Mobile Experience, part of part of the User-Centered Design session, chaired by Michael Parry of the Powerhouse Museum. In this panel Elise Granata and I’ll be presenting on our work redesigning the homepage of the Santa Cruz MAH (which I’ve posted about here). We’ll be joined by Sarah Wambold, of the Clyfford Still Museum, who’ll expand on the adaptation of John Falk’s visitor motivation research to the type of user personas used in UX design. The three of us collaborated on a paper, which has been published online.

The second is Falk Meets Online Motivation: Results from a Nationwide Survey Project, part of the Lightning Talks: Practice series, chaired by Nik Honeysett of the Balboa Park Online Collaborative. In this session, Sarah Wambold and I’ll be giving an introduction to the National Museum Website VMS project (which I’ve posted about here).

These projects are very much connected, the later growing out of the former, so it’s great to have this opportunity to present them both. This year’s conference is taking place April 6-9, 2016 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. See you there!

Posted March 2016

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