Presentation at MW 2015: Agile Methodologies For Changing Project Scopes


I’ll be presenting at Museums and the Web in April. Sarah Wambold and I have put together a talk on Agile project management methodologies for museum website redevelopment projects we’re calling “Building the car while driving it.” We’ll be presenting on the first day of the conference, Thursday, April 09. From the programme:

Using real-world projects from the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and the Clyfford Still Museum as the basis for our discussion, the authors identify the principles of an Agile design approach tailored specifically to the needs of museums—with their many stakeholders, diverse audiences, and limited resources. We discuss roles, timelines, and the benefits achieved by employing Agile methodologies to respond to evolving project needs and priorities.

In preparation for the talk, we’ve put together a paper which has been published online.

Museums and the Web is “an annual conference featuring advanced research and exemplary applications of digital practice for cultural, natural and scientific heritage.” This year it’ll be held at The Palmer House in Chicago, April 8-11, 2015.

Posted March 2015

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