Membership microsite for the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

MAH Membership microsite

I’ve been working with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History to develop a series of low-tech, low-cost strategies and systems to track, celebrate, and act on personal interactions with visitors.

“Like many small museums, the MAH cannot afford expensive ticketing or membership software systems,” says Executive Director Nina Simon. “We have very high ability to form relationships with visitors, but low ability to capitalize on those interactions.”

One of the initiatives we’ve undertaken to address this discrepancy was the creation a new online membership storefront that integrates with the Museum’s website, other membership materials, and philosophy. I designed and developed the site in close collaboration with Museum staff, beginning with a visit to the MAH.

“We were fortunate to have Marty in our office as we outlined how the site would look and function, and he literally cut and collaged together our existing printed membership materials to build an online system that looked and felt the same as our existing paper system. He’s created a less daunting transition for our members, who are accustomed to those materials.”

— Karen Bush, Membership Director

Located in downtown Santa Cruz, California, The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History is a community-centered origination whose vision is to become a thriving, central gathering place where local residents and visitors have the opportunity to experience art, history, ideas, and culture.

The website is built on WordPress, using the Gravity Forms plugin.

Posted August 2013

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