Half Empty #3 now online

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Half Empty is a www posse my friends and I created — first in 1998 as a website, then in 2003 as a newsprint magazine. The project was active for about nine years, and generated tons of content. To ensure it stays available I’ve been migrating that archive into a WordPress implementation. It is still very much a work-in-progress, with a lot still to do on the site and a lot of content yet to move.

That said, I am pleased to report that the material from the third paper issue, Half Empty #3, is now online! There’s contributions by James Paterson, Luke Painter, Liz Cowie, Ryan Solski, Jeremy Bailey, Nicholas Di Genova, Above, Tiffany Malakooti and Nathaniel G. Moore; as well as pieces on the TEST performance collective, video artist Daniel Cockburn, educator Elana Langer, V tape’s Curatorial Incubator and an interview with comic book artist Paul Pope. This is all stuff that was previously unavailable in digital form.

In addition to the HTML posts, a PDF of the entire issue is can be downloaded from the Half Empty #3 page.

Posted May 2010

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