Museum Website Top-Level Navigation Items

How many navigation items do museum websites have? How are they split? What are the most common terms? I looked at 35 museum websites and this is what I learned:

60% of sites split their persistent navigation into two groups (usually with different font sizes or visual treatment). In this case, the average number of buttons is 13, with 8 in one group and 5 in another.

For the 40% of sites presenting all their top-level items in one group the average number of buttons is 9.

The average number of buttons overall is 11.5.

The most common terms are as follows:

Museum Website Top-Level Navigation Common Terms

This research was conducted in March 2008 at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The 35 sites surveyed were: Glenbow, Skirball, Vancouver, Sfmoma, San Jose, LA MOCA, Phoenix, Colorado, Carter, Houston, New Orleans, Norton, High, Chrysler, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Wexner, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Albright-Knox, Montreal, Guggenheim, Brooklyn, Quebec, MoMA, Tate, Louvre, National Canada, ROM, Philidelphia, Detroit, Met, Chicago, National USA.

Posted December 2009

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