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WordPress Template Tags for srcset Images

I took A List Apart’s Responsive Images in Practice article as the new tags’ coming out party, and the cue that I should begin incorporating them into my sites. Also, Christopher Schmitt gave a great presentation to the Austin WordPress Meetup Group, and the slides are online. If you’re looking for a ready-to-use plugin, the […]


Notes from The Museum Interface

The October 2014 issue of Art In America was filled with pleasant surprises (Harsh Patel, Fluxus, Richard Tuttle), but the core was a series of articles on museums’ relationship to graphic design and the web. I was impressed by how these pieces were able to capture some of the issues and discussions currently being engaged […]


Websites for Artists Workshop in Toronto

Next month I’ll be teaching a “Websites for Artists” workshop at LIFT in Toronto. It’ll take place Monday, December 15 and Wednesday, December 17 2014, from 6 to 10 pm. From the programme: This two-evening workshop provides an overview of how to establish a web presence from the preparation of content to the creation of […]


Website redesign for the Clyfford Still Museum

Featuring a bold, responsive design, the new website for the Clyfford Still Museum launched in October, 2014. This new site helps the museum position itself as a destination, a site of pilgrimage for art lovers interested in the life and work of master abstract expressionist painter Clyfford Still. The project goals were to simplify the […]

CSM Matrix

Website usability testing for the Clyfford Still Museum

This post is based on a report produced for Spellerberg Associates by Amanda Moon and Marian Oman. Their research was conducted at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin as part of a usability course taught by Randolph Bias. Clyfford Still Museum homepage, Sept 2014 The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, […]


Conference microsite and archive for the Santa Cruz MAH’s Museum Camp

Museum Camp is an annual conference produced by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. The format is similar to a hack-a-thon: Participants have 72 hours to work on a project consistent with a theme. This year’s theme was “Social Impact Assessment” and involved conducting research projects based on different locations around Santa Cruz. […]


Migrating the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Exhibitions Website to WordPress

Working with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, we recently completed a redesign of the Exhibitions area of the Museum’s website. The project was a collaboration between Spellerberg Associates and staff at the MCA. On the front-end, we implemented a mobile-responsive design reflecting a contemporary interpretation of the Museum’s established visual identity. We also addressed […]


Understanding Museum Website Visitor Motivation using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for understanding traffic to a website. The standard site statistics, however, don’t always tell the full story. For instance, interpreting the duration of an average site visit is highly speculative. It is typically thought that the longer a visitor spends on the site the better, and that shorter interactions are less successful. But this is not necessarily the case…


Website development for Photographer Nicholas Calcott

Nicholas Calcott was born in 1983 in Midland, MI. He currently lives and works in New York, NY. Website designed by Everything Type Company, a Brooklyn-based design studio founded by Kyle Blue and Geoff Halber. Developed by Marty Spellerberg. Visit website. The full homepage scroll:

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