Introducing “Multiple,” a new online artwork / web comic

Six panels from Multiple
Multiple on the Wednesday Cooper website. What’s your favorite super power? Flight? Strength? Invisibility? For as far back as I can remember, mine has had to do with time: I wish I could do two things at once.  The closest example in mainstream comics is Marvel’s Multiple Man.  Read more

Costume Life Drawings, June 11 2011

Saturday was a marathon of life drawing, with sessions in the afternoon and evening! At both the models were done up in costumes: First Naked Lunch, with tandem models dressed like they were in a Frazetta painting; then Dr. Sketchy with a single model dressed as Red Riding Hood / Big Bad Wolf. Read more

Sketchbook: Texas Lobby Day

Drawings from April 6 2011. Texas public sector workers converge on the state Capitol to meet their representatives and protest proposed budget cuts. This last one’s from the aftermath: Sitting on the patio at House Wine, Austin. Read more

Austin Life Drawings

Wrapping up this time in Austin, here’s some drawings from a session called Naked Lunch. My aunt Honoria took me, and I met a bunch of her students. She took the models-choice prize with her ink drawings — hurrah! Read more

iPad Drawings of Texas Hearings

I recently tagged along with my father as he conducted various bits of business. I took my iPad and occupied myself by sketching the scenes. Here’s a view from the waiting area at the property tax assessment office: And this one’s a hearing room at the Texas state capitol: Read more

iPad Drawings: Indie Writers Death Match Poster

Updated Sept. 1: I finished up a few more drawings and arranged them as a poster for Broken Pencil magazine’s “Indie Writers Death Match 4.” Here’s a pic of the final product posted at the Spider House coffee shop in Austin: (Original post follows.) Read more

New Comic! About a guy with super powers!

OK, last catch-up for tonight. I’ve started drawing a comic that’s about as non-Wednesday as it gets. I should keep quiet about it until it’s further along, but for now, an establishing shot… Update 12/12/11: This concept eventually became the webcomic “Multiple,” which you can read about here. Read more

Drawings Sept 24, Oct 8 & 22

Cassidy and I are back at OCAD for drawing, but our attendance has been spotty. Hopefully we’ll get back in groove over the next few weeks. Also, we had our first model repeat last week, which provides an opportunity to check progress. Read more

Drawings August 21

First week at TSA. My friends both bailed because they are lame. It’s a good venue, tho. New drawings on Flickr. Read more

Drawings, August 6 & 13

Two more weeks of drawings up on flickr. My friend JA’s joined the crew, which is awesome because the whole thing was her idea to begin with. But OCAD’s season is finished now so we’re searching for a new venue… Read more

Drawings, June 23 & 30

I’ve started going to drop-in life drawing at OCAD, and I love it! My good friend Cassidy’s been going too. I’ve posted mine from the first two weeks on Flickr. Read more

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