Creating a jQuery Slideshow of the WordPress Attachments Gallery

Since version 2.5 WordPress has included the ability to upload images and “attach” them to posts and pages. The user can upload a batch of images and the system will create copies at various sizes specified in the site settings. There’s an interface for setting an order and captions. Read more

Rolling out Social Media at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Social Media Survey - AGO Talks
I was involved with Social Media at the Art Gallery of Ontario through my position as New Media Developer. Our team’s actions resulted in the creation of a new full-time position to coordinate content for web and social media channels. Image: Data collected as part of the Social Media benchmarking of the AGO’s public programs. Read more

Austin Life Drawings

Wrapping up this time in Austin, here’s some drawings from a session called Naked Lunch. My aunt Honoria took me, and I met a bunch of her students. She took the models-choice prize with her ink drawings — hurrah! Read more

iPad Drawings of Texas Hearings

I recently tagged along with my father as he conducted various bits of business. I took my iPad and occupied myself by sketching the scenes. Here’s a view from the waiting area at the property tax assessment office: And this one’s a hearing room at the Texas state capitol: Read more

iPad Drawings: Indie Writers Death Match Poster

Updated Sept. 1: I finished up a few more drawings and arranged them as a poster for Broken Pencil magazine’s “Indie Writers Death Match 4.” Here’s a pic of the final product posted at the Spider House coffee shop in Austin: (Original post follows.) Read more

Website for Artist Flavio Trevisan

I’m happy to announce a new website for Toronto-based artist Flavio Trevisan. Flavio makes sculptures, mostly, based on maps. The site is a pretty straight-forward WordPress implementation. Check it out! Read more

WordPress 3.0 Network Domain Name Mapping on MediaTemple

I’m really excited about the new Network feature in WordPress 3, which allows you to run many sites off the same install. I’m hoping this makes it easier to keep my friends’ sites up-to-date and malware free. I installed WordPress at and am running the second site off of it. Read more

jQuery Extract Headings for Tab Controls

Hi there. I posted previously about making jQuery tabs, but this week I found myself wanting take that code a bit further. In the old version, the “controls” were written out in a ul above the slides. It got the job done, but wasn’t ideal from a progressive-enhancement point of view (non-JS don’t really have much need for them, so they really shouldn’t be there for those users). Read more

Half Empty #1 and #2 now online

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been migrating the Half Empty archive into a WordPress implementation. I am happy to announce that all material from the paper magazines Half Empty #1 and Half Empty #2 is now online! Half Empty #1, published in 2003, includes a roundtable discussion on Art In Retail with views from Jeremy Bailey and Sebastien Agneessens; a fashion story illustrated by Jon Burgerman; interviews with television producer Jen Podemski, typographer Pablo Medina and artists Kinya Hanada and Ilan Katin; plus lots of original art. Read more

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