Campaign Microsite for Photographer Donald Weber’s Book “Interrogations” Donald Weber is a photographer with the VII Network, mainly studying post-Soviet authority in Ukraine and Russia. With this site Don is offering a series of photographs in Kickstarter-like support of his forthcoming documentary photography book. I see it as an experiment in the disruption of the traditional ways and means of Art capitol using internet technologies. Read more

Website Redesign for Artist Midi Onodera

Midi Onodera is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker/moving image artist who creates shorts intended for “small screen” podcasting. This redesign includes a visual overhaul based on a look mocked-up by designer Ruby Pajares, and a full refactoring of the theme’s codebase. The fonts are Chaparral Pro and Museo Sans. Read more

Website for Filmmaker Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy is a filmmaker, film programmer and writer whose work “operates in dialogue with the history of film as art.” This is Chris’ first site and serves as a calling-card for his pedagogical work. I wanted the stills from his films to be the primary visual statement, with the rest of the design as quiet as possible. Read more

Website for Convenience Gallery

Convenience shows work “that engages, experiments, and takes risks with the architectural, urban, and civic realm.” The site architecture is straightforward: present the exhibitions in reverse chronological order. So for this redesign we applied simple accordion navigation to open-up past entries. Read more

Sketchbook: Texas Lobby Day

Drawings from April 6 2011. Texas public sector workers converge on the state Capitol to meet their representatives and protest proposed budget cuts. This last one’s from the aftermath: Sitting on the patio at House Wine, Austin. Read more

Rolling out Social Media at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Social Media Survey - AGO Talks
I was involved with Social Media at the Art Gallery of Ontario through my position as New Media Developer. Our team’s actions resulted in the creation of a new full-time position to coordinate content for web and social media channels. Image: Data collected as part of the Social Media benchmarking of the AGO’s public programs. Read more

Austin Life Drawings

Wrapping up this time in Austin, here’s some drawings from a session called Naked Lunch. My aunt Honoria took me, and I met a bunch of her students. She took the models-choice prize with her ink drawings — hurrah! Read more

iPad Drawings of Texas Hearings

I recently tagged along with my father as he conducted various bits of business. I took my iPad and occupied myself by sketching the scenes. Here’s a view from the waiting area at the property tax assessment office: And this one’s a hearing room at the Texas state capitol: Read more

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