New Comic! About a guy with super powers!

OK, last catch-up for tonight. I’ve started drawing a comic that’s about as non-Wednesday as it gets. I should keep quiet about it until it’s further along, but for now, an establishing shot… Update 12/12/11: This concept eventually became the webcomic “Multiple,” which you can read about here. Read more

Converting the AGO blog from Serendipity to WordPress

Hi there. Been busy, but not posting any of it here. Will attempt to catch up, somewhat. This one will be about some recent work on the Art Gallery of Ontario blog, Art Matters. The Art Gallery of Ontario blog was running S9Y, and it was rough. Read more

Drawings Sept 24, Oct 8 & 22

Cassidy and I are back at OCAD for drawing, but our attendance has been spotty. Hopefully we’ll get back in groove over the next few weeks. Also, we had our first model repeat last week, which provides an opportunity to check progress. Read more

AGO / OSC / ROM Web Summit

Every few months the web teams of the Royal Ontario Museum, the Ontario Science Centre and the Art Gallery of Ontario get together for a nerd-fest. The events are a welcome diversion from the daily grind of production, and a vital expression of community and common purpose. Read more

Art Gallery of Ontario Website Redesign

Well, here it is. In the first of four planned releases we’ve introduced a look and feel constructed around the AGO’s new graphic identity. It’s the result of a team effort, and seasons of research. From a development perspective it’s simply a re-skinning of the legacy ColdFusion site; the CMS we’ve been implementing with Devlin will debut in the coming months. Read more

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